With thousands of possible combinations, chances are we can build exactly what you need from the choices available.

To configure your regulator, please download our Neon Configurator Matrix below.

The Neon Configurator Matrix is an Excel Workbook. It allows you to build a part number for a Neon Controls regulator by making a series of choices presented in easy-to-use drop-down boxes.

The workbook is available to download in two versions:

  • An xlsm file that includes the macro necessary for the Clear Cells box to work
  • An xlsx version that does not include the macros.
    You can clear a used sheet in this version by closing the workbook without saving, and then opening it again when you want to create a new part number.

Tabs at the bottom of the workbook allow you to select the Neon Series Regulator that you wish to configure. You can also select from the main menu. The completed page can be printed for your records.